Lesser Known Carpet-Cleaning Secrets To Try Out

Your carpet plays a major role in enhancing the overall look of your room. However, keeping it squeaky clean takes a lot of effort and even then your precious carpet falls victim to accidental spills, dust dragged through your shoes or feet, and if you have a pet then be assured your carpet will have some muddy patches here and there from the mud carried by your pet into the house from the lawn or garden. Let’s take a look at some quickies that can help you keep your carpet clean at all times. Visit: Seattle Carpet Store.

Blot stains, don’t rub:

If you find a spot with a stain on your carpet, do not make the mistake of rubbing it off. This will just spread the stain into the surrounding fibres as well as break them up before time. Mix a cleaning solution with an equal proportion of water and with a cleaning cloth or sponge dab the stain from the outside of the stain towards the inside so that the stain doesn’t spread.

Fight wine stains with club soda:

To deal with wine or beer stains, blot the area with some soda on the cloth. It might work but if it doesn’t try adding a mixture of one part white vinegar along with one part water. Now spray this mixture over the stained area. After waiting for about 15 minutes, use a sponge to soak the solution and stain. Repeat this process until the stain is gone and then rinse the spot with some lukewarm water.

Things To Look Out During A Carpet Cleaning Process

There is always a first time for everything, and the same applies to carpet cleaning. Cleaning a carpet is a task that requires experience and precision so that you do not spoil your carpet. Many professional services help you with your carpet cleaning needs. Take a look at these facts that will help you know more about the carpet cleaning process.

  • Before a carpet cleaning process begins, the professional you hired will use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the visible dust from the carpet. This is done to ensure that dry soil particles are removed as they turn into mud in combination with water which is used in the cleaning process of the carpet. Mud is harder to remove than dry dirt.
  • A general cleaning procedure removes most of the stains, but some difficult ones like those containing tannins, acids, caustics and dyes might require specialized stain removal technique to deal with. But you should also prepare yourself for the fact that some stains cannot ever be removed, despite using the best cleaning techniques and chemicals.
  • A cleaning routine should always include acidic conditioning rinse. All the chemicals used for cleaning the carpet are alkaline, and an acidic conditioning helps balance out the overall PH of the carpet.
  • Hire a professional only after thorough background checks of elements like skills, total experience on the job, chemicals being used and associated equipment detail.